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Woman Discovers Nutty Way to Fix Scratched Floors

This is really cool!

Old wood floors are gorgeous, even if there are plenty of people who, over time, have covered theirs up and hidden it away. And we can kind of see why. For one, not everyone likes the look of wood floors, sometimes they are too old or not insulated enough, and carpeting is just a better option.

Also, sometimes they can be a bit harder on the upkeep side of things! After all, you can simply vacuum or deep clean a carpet, but what happens if you get scuffs, stains, or even scratches on your hardwood floor? Well, there is a solution, at least for the scratches!


Today’s floor hack comes to us from Chance Culp, a wife, mom, and creative thrifter who loves to refurb old stuff and bring it back with brand new life! One of those things - the wood floor in her very own home!

Recently Chance was dragging a vase across her wood floor, and to her horror, left behind two pretty gnarly-looking scratches. But she had seen several helpful tips on TikTok, so she decided to try one for herself! The trick that she’d heard was that nuts, even one out of the can, could be used to repair scratches on a wood floor.

So out comes the cashews (we’d recommend washing any salted nuts off so that you don’t further scratch your floors), and Chance starts rubbing it along the two scratches. You can see them vanish, almost as if by magic, with just a little bit of scrubbing.

Now, there is a bit of science behind this one! As one helpful commenter points out - the oils in the nut itself are perfect for rehydrating the wood, allowing it to swell just that little bit and ‘cover up’ the scratch. Additionally, walnut works best, but if you can’t handle tree nuts then you can also try a mix of apple cider vinegar and olive or coconut oil (though these can be a bit messier!)

So what do you say - is this enough to convince you not to cover up your own wood floors?