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Scrolling through TikTok you've undoubtedly come across the super viral videos that details what this woman’s routine is after coming home. Mostly ASMR, the fast-paced video shows her using an array of helpful gadgets that are utterly, mind-blowingly convenient.

They are simultaneously satisfying and unsettling to watch, because the more you watch them, the more you question everything and what it is used for.

Not only are the gadgets fascinating and over the top, there are details in the video that make you wonder if you're seeing things. Like, did anyone else see her dump a gallon of water out of her shoes? Was that supposed to be sweat? Also, why is this woman cooking eggs that were stashed under her pillow for dinner? Did she just make instant wine? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Even the kids are in on this insanity.

Of course, you can purchase everything you see featured in these videos. And truth be told I could justify buying a few of these things. A toothpaste squeezer for my toddler would be clutch.

While I can’t confidently speak to the quality of any of these products, they sure are fun to watch. Fair warning, it might lead you down a weirdly addictive video rabbit hole, so I apologize in advance for the time-suck.