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‘Old’ Man Shares Another Cheap Genius Beauty Hack

And… it’s free!

The beauty industry is extremely profitable. Matter of fact, it reportedly grossed $511 billion dollars last year and is expected to continue its’ growth streak in the upcoming years. Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that no matter your skin’s condition or whatever skin type you have, there’s a beauty remedy for you sitting on the shelves on many store shelves. The only problem is- it usually costs and sometimes, that cost is a lot, especially over time.

However, for just about every skin problem you may experience, there’s a strong chance there’s a beauty hack that’ll give you similar, if not the same, results as a store bought beauty product.

And this is where popular TikToker @proptologist saves the day, yet again, with his series “Old Man Beauty Tips” where he shares another effective beauty hack for those with oily skin!


For those who have oily skin, you may already be familiar with the oil absorbing sheets that range in cost from $6 on up, but rather than purchasing those, he simply takes a brown restaurant napkin and presses it into his face to help absorb the extra oils. That’s it.

And it works wonderfully.

TikTok users flooded the comments with how effective this hack is! “Starbucks napkins are the best! peel apart into two thinner layers,” said one user. Another user agreed “Yesss fast food napkins or peel a tissue in half.” TikTok user @dragonageusername backed up his claim saying “Before you even explained I was like "is that a McDonald's napkin cause they work great for that LOL.”

There you have it - no more throwing out those extra napkins we receive with our to-go orders!

Also, kudos to him for providing another hack to hopefully help end the pink tax.