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If Your Planted Green Onions Look Like This, They’re Talking to You

Here’s what they’re saying.

Did you know that your plants are talking to you? And no, we don’t necessarily mean actually talking, but rather those silent, sometimes hard-to-read communications that involve a look, a feel, a certain aspect of the plant changing.

And while we aren’t saying that your plant will say ‘hi’ to you, if you pay close attention, you can tell a lot about your plant by simply paying attention.


Urban homestead LittleGreenShoot has long been talking to her plants, and has learned their language. A bent stem might mean one thing, while a slightly brown or curled leaf means another. Today she’s sharing with us a little of her ‘translation’ abilities, this time with some green onions that she has been growing in her backyard garden.

So, let us ask this question first - what do you think it means when the formerly upright shoots of your spring onions suddenly fall sideways while still looking otherwise healthy?

Most in the comments are making small jokes, such as saying that the plants want to borrow $20 until payday, or that they’re trying to get away from the hot sun beating down on them, but the truth is even simpler than many could imagine.

The fact is that by bending over like this, the plants are actually saying that they are ripe for the picking! Essentially, when the plant is fully grown and the bulb is ready to be harvested, onion leaves start to fall over. This occurs after the leaves have infused the bulb with energy to stimulate growth, leaving no moe for the leaves themselves.

So if you’re looking for the perfect time to pick your onions, look out for this sign!