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Man Reveals How He Pulled Off Family’s DIY “Onward” Costume

They look incredible!

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Judging by all of the DIY content we’ve seen on social media regarding people’s Halloween costumes and decorations, it’s clear that spooky season brings out people’s creativity and we’re loving it.

Although we haven’t seen too many costumes as of yet, we’re certain that this creative DIY family’s costume is the beginning of many cool and creative costumes we can expect to see this year!


As seen in the video courtesy of TikTok user @tonydzdln, the family decided to be the cast of Disney’s animated fantasy film “Onward” and they completely nailed it! We love how the whole family is invested and they even included the dog! We’re especially impressed how they created the half father from the 2020 film as well! To do this, they simply used chopped up pieces of pool noodles to fill the pants and shoes of the special character.

We love how creative the family was with their costume and so does their followers and viewers in the comment section. “When the whole family is invested! Heck yes it’s the best thing ever,” @tmoe321 wrote. “Whoever had that idea is the coolest!” @elvigeee commented. “Everyone’s character matches their look so well,” @thenetos shared. “That movie was so underrated! This is awesome.” @lizzylizzard235 wrote.

We agree — we love this DIY family Halloween costume!