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Something that personally kept me from gardening for many years was bugs. Not that I am totally terrified of them, but that I honestly wasn't sure how to control them without using intense harmful pesticides and constant monitoring. But evidently that is wholly unnecessary as a TikToker's grandpa has the secret to a pest free garden. 

And luckily, she shared it with the whole of the internet to try. Apparently her grandfather, who had an incredible garden told her this little trick before he passed away in 2009, and she had been using it for her own "harvests" too.

The secret ingredient to the ultimate natural pesticide? Oranges. 

Apparently, peeling oranges and boiling the skin and the fruit helps create a concentrate pests cannot stand. Simply boiling for 15 minutes, mashing it all up and straining it gives you the basis of this pest-be-gone elixir. After setting the pulp aside (you can use this later) you mix the concentrate with water and pour into a standard watering can. Give all you plants a healthy drink and watch the pests not ruin your harvest. 

She says she uses it for her bean plants, herbs and even tomato plants to give them rich nutrients while keeping away aphids, white flies and even slugs. Considering you can snag oranges from the grocer pretty