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Pro-Organizer Shares Genius Way to Get Rid of Mystery Cords

This is a great way to declutter that random pile of cords everyone has

Raise your hand if you have a random pile of cords sitting in a box in your entertainment center cabinet or in your home office? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us do. Over time, we tend to collect so many electronics and gadgets that we sometimes already have chargers and cords for and as a result of not needing an additional one, we usually just tuck it away in our random box or bin of cords, rarely ever to be see or used again.

The downside to keeping the collection going is that we sometimes don’t know what the cords belong to but don’t want to get rid of them just in case we may need them one day. However, that can create unnecessary and at some point, it’s best to start decluttering the pile and get some organization going. And thankfully, TikTok pro-organizer @spacesbyemily uploaded a video showing us how to do just that with this great organization trick!


We like her idea of using the labelling system by trying to determine the use of each cord and labelling them. If you need it, keep it and if you don’t trash it. For the cords with no label, place them back into the bin and if you haven’t used any of the cords after one year, then you’ll throw them away as well.

We love a simple and effective hack and this organization hack is no exception!