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Artist Transforms Every Inch Of Their House Into a Giant Disco Ball

This is simultaneously stunning and overwhelming

There’s always that one house on the block that stands out. Whether the house has an amazing front yard with a unique build and beautiful open windows or it’s a house that is the opposite and is the eye sore of the street, everyone has a house that sets itself apart in their neighborhood.

Such is the case with this one-of-a-kind home brought to our attention courtesy of TikTok user @anneinbullcity. The house has been transformed into a huge disco ball and we can’t help but revel at its beauty…this house is literal art!


Talk about standing out! Every single external piece of this house, including the garage, has been covered in tiny pieces of mirror by the house owner and mosaicist Gene Dillard. One of the most interesting facts about this house is took the self-taught artist 500 hours to complete one of the mirror walls on his home…ummm, that’s amazing! As expected, people in the comments were just as shocked and amazed with this artist’s work as much as we are! “Where is this located? I'd drive for days to see it! Just beautiful!!” TikTok user @monicadaughrity commented. “HOLY MOLY!! Beautiful, but I don't think my HOA would approve that renovation,” @sweet_baker56 shared. “This is a dream of mine. I never thought I’d see it outside of my imagination. I could cry. It’s so beautiful,” @magecfawkes411 wrote.

We completely understand people’s infatuation with this North Carolina home. It’s simply stunning!