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Spooky-Loving Texas Momma Shows Off Brilliant Idea For Outdoor Halloween Decorations

We have to try this!

We all know that Halloween is just around the corner, and that means plenty of trick-or-treaters and kiddos coming up to your doorway, even later into the evening after the sun has already set. And while many of us adore putting up all sorts of lights or keeping our porch light on for these little ones (and even teens or the young at heart), there are a couple of really neat ways that you can light up the night while still keeping with the Halloween theme!

Take this one woman’s creative use for plastic pumpkins, for instance!


If you’ve been looking for a creepy, cool, and most of all, cheap way to help decorate your outdoors for Halloween, look no further than Texas creator FlapJacy! She’s got just the thing that you can put together in only a few minutes and leave out the entire spooky season without blowing your budget.

So what will you need? Well, as many plastic pumpkins as you can get for as cheap as you can get them, and some solar lights. Usually Dollar Store or a similar place will have them for fairly cheap, but you could also order a pack online and have them shipped to you for a little bit more.

Now what you are going to want to do is first decide how many pumpkins you have and where you want them to go. Jacy decided that she wanted to outline her walking path that led up to her door, so she measured out how many of the decorations she would need before heading back inside.

Next you will want to cut out holes in the bottom of your plastic pumpkins just big enough for the bottom of the solar lights to go through. Then just take everything back outside and push the stakes on the solar lights into the ground and, quite honestly, it is as easy as that! Cute pumpkin themed lighting that will help add a glow to your garden, yard, or walkway and make it easier for those passing by to know to come up for a treat (or two!)