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Woman’s Parents Who Live Deep In the Woods Have Outdoor Shower and It’s Magical

We want one!

Aside from a treehouse, one of coolest things to experience as an adult, is an outdoor shower in the woods. While outdoor showers aren’t exactly a common feature that come with your everyday house, there are some people who add this lovely feature onto their homes, especially when they have an abundance of space such as this TikTok content creator’s parents who created a beautiful outdoor shower deep into the woods surrounding their home and it’s simply amazing!


As seen in TikTok content creator @hollyauna's popular video that’s already amassed over two million views, the outdoor shower is breathtaking. It’s equipped with everything you need and then some! From shower shoes for guests and hot water provided by a gas propane tank to beautiful décor and a see-through roof so you can look up at the trees or you can look straight ahead out to the lake. And if you’re wondering if someone is always watching her or anyone that uses the beautiful shower, they are. Her parents taped a hilarious homemade face to the outhouse that glares into the shower area!

Can we say amazing?! Unsurprisingly, her followers and viewers in the comment section are just as stunned by this beautiful feature as we are!

We have a feeling the outhouse has some pretty unique touches to it as well!