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Woman Makes Adorable Outdoor Solar Mushroom Lamp From Dollar Tree Finds

People are so creative

If it’s one thing social media is extremely great at doing, it’s introducing us to so much. From amazing home hacks to a variety of easy-to-do DIYs, social media has come through for us in many ways.

One of the recent trendy items social media has introduced us to is the super cute mushroom lamps. So many people on social media are showing us how they either scored the trendy mushroom lamp from HomeGoods or they’re DIY-ing it at a much cheaper cost. Thankfully,

TikTok user @houseproject shared her version of the trendy mushroom lamp because not only is it one of the best version we’ve seen, but it’s also cheap to make!


Do you see how cute and perfect that little mushroom lamp is?! The red mushroom cap with the white polka dots are so spot on with the mushroom look (pun absolutely intended, lol). She made it look so easy to do, also. All she did was head to the tried-and-true Dollar Tree to pick up her supplies — a glass bowl and vase, solar light and décor rocks. Next, she spray painted the bowl with red spray paint and then strategically painted white polka dots onto the bowl. Afterwards, she filled the vase a little more than halfway with rocks and placed the solar light into the vase before finally gluing the bowl upside down on top of the lamp.

The final look is so cute and will look amazing in your garden!