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Couple’s ‘Outlander’ Style Home Is a Sight to Behold

These Sassenach know how to decorate a home!

The reason behind the popularity of shows like Outlander seems so obvious. Being thrown back into a time when certain things were easier, even if life was harder, not to mention… abs… But regardless, there are droves of fans out there who are obsessed with the historical drama, so much so that at least one couple has dedicated their house decor to said inspiration.


Chelsea of KevRoseFarm introduces us to her old farmhouse, revealing that she and her husband are lovingly recreating the exact house scenes in their home. In this video she is turning one room into Master Raymond’s Apothecary.

If you aren’t a fan of the show, this apothecary is dark green in color, with tons of decor items in the form of bottles, pictures, vases, and more. Chelsea starts the project by cashing in a birthday ‘ticket’, which means her husband can’t complain throughout the project, and the two get to work.

Built-in bookshelves come first, the better to display all the ‘dramatic’ pieces that Chelsea is looking to add in her new shop. Vertical ship-lap will be added to help recreate the styling of the old walls. Going through old videos is a pain, but Chelsea’s dedication to her craft (and obsession) shine through as she watches scene after scene, over and over, to recreate the exact shade to mimic the walls of the apothecary. She doesn’t quite get there by the end of the video, so lend your voice in support in her comments and hopefully she won’t lose her mind.

Finally she shares with us her idea for the ceiling which, unfortunately, is a little too lumpy for her original idea. But Chelsea decides that maybe stenciling is the way to go, which she will hopefully share with us in a future project. So, as this crafty creator adds, stay tuned and wait (breathlessly) with us as we constantly refresh her page to see when her next Outlander-themed video goes up.