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Genius No-Measure Hack Makes It Easy To Cut Out Space In a Cabinet for An Outlet

Never struggle with exact measurements again!

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Have you ever had a cabinet, dresser or entertainment center block a conveniently located outlet?

While it wasn’t a reoccurring issue for me, I had a blender that fit perfectly in this little nook in my kitchen, but the nook only had one outlet that was inconveniently blocked by one of the cabinets. Needless to say, l wasn’t able to use my blender or any of my other kitchen appliances in that particular space due to the overlooked issue, but how convenient it would’ve been to have been able to use every kitchen outlet when needed?

Well, someone thought the same thing and decided to show how easy and quick it is to cut outlet space on a cabinet so you’re actually able to use every single one of your power sources should you need to!


In this handy and quick tutorial posted by @creatiffdiy, the DIYer takes small furniture pads and proceeds to stick them onto the four corners of the outlet before dabbing a bit of paint on each of the pads. She finishes the video by sliding the cabinets against the furniture pads and allowing the painted dots from the pads reflect on the back of the cabinet, conveniently letting you know exactly where you need to cut!

“…The method in the video looks so much easier,” said TikTok user @Animefangirl365.

Another TikToker @SaffronSinclair commented “This is smart cause I've always just accepted the fact it's blocking an outlet and I won't ever be able to use it.”

Based off my personal experience, this no-measure hack is genius!