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Who Else Was Today Years Old When They Learned That Oven Doors Easily Pop off for Cleaning?

This would have been good to know...

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What, in your opinion, is your least favorite thing to clean in your kitchen? For me, it tends to be a toss-up between the fridge or my oven, but the oven tends to win out over the ‘thing I’d most like to avoid’. My personal oven has a glass top that seems to never get as clean as I wish it would, and cleaning the inside is just a huge headache, not to mention if I accidentally dropped anything and the door suddenly has something burnt onto it.

But it seems that I may have been going about things all wrong, as Dustin Hadley aka That40YearOldGuy pointed out recently on TikTok!


Now, I am personally… older than I should be admitting when it comes to not knowing this specific oven hack. I’ve been living on my own for decades now, and that means cleaning my kitchen, especially my stove, for decades as well. Come to find out, I could have made cleaning the darn stove a ton easier.

The only thing that makes me feel better is that I am not the only one, thankfully.

So, Dustin got this from another creator, but he wants to prove it on his own stove. The ‘hack’ is that the front of your stove should actually pop off rather easily, meaning you can pull it off and out, and take it somewhere else to clean it… I personally didn’t believe it at first, or thought that maybe it was only certain kinds of stoves, but apparently not.

All you have to do is open up your stove door, and there should be two hinges at the base, one on each side. Unlock those hinges, slide your door out and… that’s literally it… Clean it, dry it all off, slide it back in and voila. A clean oven door in a fraction of the time and effort.

Wish I’d known this before…

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