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Woman Shares Her Fool-Proof Method for Decluttering the House Without the Overwhelm

Start small, go big!

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It is, sadly, oh so easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to trying to get your home clean and de-cluttered. The entirety of the process is just so daunting, no matter whether you are trying to do a single room or the entire house. Even thinking about decluttering a single room can give me the hives (figuratively), and there are a lot of times I would rather simply clean than clean and declutter at the same time.

That is, until Yeli Heidecker from TikTok shared her tips for making decluttering a little easier and a little less stressful, totally changing the game for me at least.


To start, Yeli knows about stress. She’s already got an older kiddo or two running around, with at least one in preschool, and another on the way, so everything she is doing now includes getting her home ready for that whole situation.

But her words of advice are, luckily, easy to follow. It is about starting with the smallest space possible, and the least intensive, and working out from there so you don’t get yourself stressed out. This could be something as simple as a single shelf in the bathroom or living room area, or a cabinet space that just needs one or two things thrown out to make the whole space useable again.

Even more, start with spaces and things that don’t hold sentimental value to you. I don’t know about you readers, but I personally get pretty overwhelmed when it comes to throwing out things that I am attached to, or feel I should be attached to, like things that have been given to me by kids or friends, or old family heirloom items that I don’t really have use for but keep around anyway.

Instead of doing that, get rid of the things that are easier to get rid of - mismatched and undersized clothing, toilet paper tubes you’ve been keeping for whatever reason, half-empty cleaning bottles that should have been thrown out long ago.

Doing these small steps will make the bigger ones seem that much easier in the end!