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Woman’s Boyfriend’s Son Knocks Over 1 Gallon of Pink Paint Onto Carpet, and Here’s What It Took to Fix It

And they had an inspection coming up… the next morning

As a parent, you know you have to constantly watch your kids to not lick the paint off the walls or create new wall designs with their crayons. And while removing crayons from the walls is a relatively easy task, other incidents might be causing you to almost have a panic attack.

Such as TikToker Bailey Regan (@baileyregan312) experienced with her boyfriend's kiddo and spilled paint on the carpet. 


It looks like a giant bottle of Pepto-Bismol exploded. Bailey acted fast by scraping it off with a paint scraper and towels to remove the top layers of paint. She then added a whole bottle of Dawn dish soap in the hopes for it to do some magic, followed by the Pink Stuff, some hot water and baking soda, and more hot water. Various used towels and more scraping later, and the carpet looks a little better but has definitely seen better days prior to the incident. In addition, Bailey was expecting an inspection of their house the next day, so the stain had to come out by then. Their last resort was renting a professional carpet cleaner for $30, which is not bad at all and that took care of the rest. Talking about a panic attack! This spilled-paint incident will certainly do it. 

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow, depending on the paint. Most importantly is to act fast when the paint is still wet and not rub it, as this can cause the paint to get deeper into the carpet.