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DIY Paint Drip Shelf Is Perfect for Play Room Or Any Quirky Space

We love the whimsy!

Have you been looking for a cute project to add to your kid’s room, or maybe any quirky corner that you have some space that needs to be filled up? 

Then we have got the most adorable project for you! Best of all it only takes a little bit of wood working know how and a couple of easy to gather supplies to make something that would probably easily cost over a hundred dollars at the store!


So to make this wood drippy shelf we would first like to direct you over to Annika Hind’s page over on TikTok and the video where she shows how she put together the whole shelf idea.

First start by measuring out how long you want your shelf to be and, using a piece of plywood or thicker wood you have lying around, cut out your back and top. Then you will want to measure your sides and front, and this is where the fun part is. 

Using a jigsaw Annika cuts out a ‘drip’ line for the bottom edge of what will eventually be attached to the main shelf. You can do as many, or as few, drips as you would like, or even do larger and smaller ones to match your aesthetic.

Once that is done you will sand down and round out all of the dripping edges, then attach the two sides and front to the main part of the shelf. 

From there you get to paint! The dripping aspect invites your creativity to come to play here, and you can choose to paint the piece all one color, or be super inventive and used mixed colors or even try mixing drip paint or splatters! You could match it to a room, write a name on it, anything you’d like!