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DIYer Paints Porch Steps to “Spice Them Up” and It’s Just the Right Amount of Flavor

What a simple and cool idea

Often times, when we think about “spicing up” our plain home, we typically start on the inside and slowly work our to the outside of the home; after all it’s the inside that counts, right? While that’s a true statement, it’s not necessarily true when applied to our home. Our home’s landscape is a big deal considering it can quickly add value to your home, so it makes sense when we choose to put forth some effort to make the outside of our home look good.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator, Daniella of @gardenfullofslugs. She took a unique approach to decorating her porch and it looks so good!


As seen in the video uploaded to her TikTok account, she painted her porch steps black and while she could’ve stopped there because it already looked amazing, she took some chalk and drew a beautiful floral design before grabbing some paint colors to fill in the design. The black paint makes her porch stand out even more!

We’re loving the eclectic look of her porch with the gorgeous green plants, colorful and vibrant furniture and unique yellow and black checkered flooring— it’s definitely giving all the boho vibes!