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Woman Paints Bathroom Tub Tile a Striking Pink

It’s a bold choice

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When it comes to choosing the right color, sometimes being bold is just better. Whereas some people decorate their entire home in one bright color - such as Barbie pink, others choose different pastels to set the mood. 

TikTok creator Erica Stolman Dowdy also made a bold move regarding her bathroom, or more so her bathtub, but it turned out to be the right choice. Let's check it out!

This looks subtle but it definitely adds character. There is no reason to keep a bathroom in one color, especially a boring beige. A bathroom needs to feel like a luxurious spa, and she definitely achieved this by adding this pastel pink to the mix. 

And if you've checked out Erica's other videos, you can tell that her home looks luxurious in any way. Everything somehow complements each other. 

As she mentioned in the comments section, she got this particular color custom mixed at the paint store. However, while you might not be able to replicate the exact same color she has, you can create your own! That's the beauty of paint, anything is possible. You can then give the paint color a name too!

However, it's hard to tell if the paint she used is suitable for bathtubs and tiles but I'd assume so. There is also specific paint for bathtubs and tiles but unfortunately, it doesn't come in pink, just white. 

Regardless of which paint she used, the results are stunning.

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