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Woman Paints Porch Floor and It Totally Transforms the Space

We are kind of obsessed with this.

Often times when we think of switching up our home’s aesthetic, we’re usually looking more inward, which makes sense considering we spend more time inside of our homes as opposed to sitting in our yards all day.

However, this TikTok user,, decided to switch things up and gave her porch a makeover instead using a sentinel and some paint and it looks amazing!

Warning - video does contain curse words.


In the quick video, the TikTok user starts off the tutorial by power washing her porch to get it as clean as possible before preparing to paint the porch. Next, she takes the Valspar floor, porch and patio paint in the color dark kettle black and uses a high density foam roller to paint the entire porch. After letting the black paint dry, she took her queen’s crown floral stencil from StencilsLAB and used the same exact paint type in ultra white to paint over the stencil. To help ensure that she would have clean lines while using the stencil, she sprayed a tacky adhesive on the back of the stencil before placing it on to the porch and painting over it. To complete the project, she sealed the entire porch using Valspar natural look concrete sealer.

We love the completed look of this simple DIY!