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Painting the Porch ‘Haint Blue’ Is a Great Way to Deter Wasps

This is genius.

With the weather warming up, that means we’re all prepping for the hot summer days outside having fun in the backyard grilling, swimming and enjoying time spent with family, friends and wasps. That’s right, we’re entering the season where these insects establish their nests on our property and often make their presence known by swarming around us while we’re simply trying to enjoy the outdoors. It can definitely be a problem.

Thankfully, Tiktok user @designbroker gave us the perfect solution to get rid of these pesky insects before they set up their homes on your porch!


This is so genius! So apparently, the insects think the blue ceiling is the sky so as a result, they avoid starting their nests on your porch ceiling. I would’ve never thought to use that paint as a way to deter wasps but, it’s great to see from both the video and the followers in the comments that it works. “I did the same thing. And it works!” one follower mentioned. "It's basically any blue not just haint blue. They think it's the sky and won't nest,” another viewer noted.

Another benefit of painting your porch ceiling this color is it will also apparently help ward off evil spirits according to the video.

If you’re looking to paint your porch ceiling this color, she recommends “Atmospheric” by Sherwin Williams.