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Woman Literally Paints Her Tub Tile To Give It a Good Refresh and No, It’s Not Tile Paint

She found an alternative, she swears works just as well.

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Whereas some makeovers are easy, others - such as bathroom makeovers - can be challenging. But they don't have to be. Once you know which products to use and what to do, it can be a breeze. 

TikTok account @close_2_perfect demonstrates in her video, an easy bathroom transformation anyone can swing. Let's take a look. 

Wow! This makes a huge difference.

This hack is inexpensive and still durable. What she used here is not your average bathtub paint, as that is tricky to use and expensive. So she improvised, by using two different kinds of paint. For the first coat, she used TopSide paint because it is waterproof but not designed for continuous submersion, so she had to use different paint for the second coat. 

The paint she used for the second coat, is called Wet Edge and this guarantees water resistance. These paints go basically hand in hand, as Wet Edge is designed to adhere to TopSide paint, and TopSide paint is designed to adhere to the bathtub and sidewalls.

The great part about this hack is that it lasts longer - according to the creator -costs less, is consistent, easy to apply, and last but not least - it can be saved for later.

And as you can see here, the results are stunning - like it was done professionally. 

According to TikTok, she got the job done well.

As TikToker @doraf01 wrote,

"I never knew there was a paint that you would use on tubs and walls! I will have to look into it."

There is, but this hack is more affordable and easier to work with than actual bathtub paint.

Another TikToker (@rushme0819) posted,

"Looks hundred times better."

I agree.

And TikToker @sis21282 commented,

"Absolutely love this!! It made your space look bigger and brighter!! Beautiful!!"

White paint is just the way to go, especially for the bathtub. 

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