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Woman Transforms Pallet Into Gorgeous Shelving

We love to see a good upcycle.

Anyone who has ever assembled IKEA furniture knows that building something doesn't have to be difficult, and oftentimes one person can do the job. It might get a bit complicated when you're trying to build an entire built-in shelf from scratch, as this mom did with her Pottery Barn bookshelf dupe.

However, you can also create something cool and simple by upcycling some wood, as TikTok creator @earthish_creations demonstrates in her video about her DIY shelf project.


How cool is this? And it is so simple to add to your list of DIY projects. All you need are two things and a few tools. First, you'll need some pallets, which are inexpensive and versatile, as we can see in the video. You can get them at Home Depot, ULINE, or you can also ask your spouse to pick some up from work, as pallets are often used for transporting goods or stacking. All that was done here, was removing the pallets by sawing them off and spraying them with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer, to give them some shine. It also makes the wood look darker. What is left to do now is to wait for the wood to be completely dry and then you can hang it on the wall. As shown in the video, this TikToker connected two pieces of wood to make a wider shelf, and then attached them to the wall with some hooks and screws. Pretty simple!

Loving the rustic look it creates!