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If You Need to Paint Paned Windows, This Trick Could Be a Life-Saver

We had no idea it did that!

How many of you have gone to paint something in your house, say a wall or even a door, and there has been something in the way? Maybe it is a bit of busted trim that needs fixing, some shade brackets you have to remove, or maybe even those tiny frames that go around, or even through, the pane? It’s a real ‘pane’ in the butt, right?

Well, did you know there is a super simple hack you could use to make those panes not so painful to paint? So if you like saving time and hate taping off the glass just so you don’t get paint everywhere, why not check out this cool hack.


So this door ‘mod’ comes to us by way of Christine of TenderWarriorsCo, and was actually passed on to her by another user. We just get to see the results and share them with you all! Christine’s front door has the typical ‘farmhouse’ vibe, white with some framing boards that go across the large window, breaking up the view.

Now, this look might be good for some, but for others, it just isn’t the vibe anymore. But luckily, as shared by user KelseyC, you can actually remove those framing boards! So, to start, you will want to pop out those bits covering the screws and start unscrewing all of the trim from the door.

Next, using a craft knife or something similar, carefully pry apart the frame from the door and you should be able to pop off the entire frame plus the glass pane within. Clip the corners of the frames, being careful not to punch through or break the glass of the one that still has the pane within it. With a grinding or sanding tool make sure that those clipped edges no longer stick up and are smooth to the rest of the surface.

Finally, reassemble everything and give it a good wipedown with your favorite cleaner and voila - you now have a gorgeous view totally unobstructed by those panels! And if you were one of those who believed that you had nine separate window panels, don’t worry… we did too…