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Woman Uses Real Pansies to Make Instagram-Worthy Cookies

These floral beauties are almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost.

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Pansies are some of the heartiest, prettiest flowers you can plant. They come in an array of gorgeous colors that just make you happy just by looking at them. But I was only today-years old when I learned that they are more than just gorgeous decorations for the garden. You can actually eat them, and apparently, they are delicious.

Tara Ratcliffe, a popular TikTok gardener, uses her pansies to decorate her shortbread cookies. And the process is mesmerizing. 


Her bountiful pansy harvest was first pruned and then soaked in cold water. They were then dried out and dehydrated. While that is happening, she makes the dough for her shortbread cookies. While the dough rests, she removes the greens and presses the newly dehydrated flowers under parchment paper and books to get them nice and flat. She then bakes the shortbread cookies and when they are ready and still warm, she gently presses the flowers in the the cookies. She sprinkles each with a nice pinch of sugar and lets them cool.

She takes an incredibly satisfying-looking bite and I'm just a little slack-jawed at how gorgeous it all was. And if cookies aren't your thing: 

1. I 100% do not understand you, but...

2. They also apparently taste delicious in salads

 I'm definitely going to be making both of these this spring!