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Woman Makes Paper Journals Out of Black Friday Boxes

It turns out beautifully.

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I have a question. What exactly do YOU do with all of those leftover Amazon boxes that you have lying around? If you’re anything like me, aka someone who constantly is ordering things online and thus winds up with a ton of extra boxes. You could turn them into a faux-fireplace, or toss them out to fill up the local landfill…

Or you could, if you have a little bit more time and skill, take a page out of TikTok creator Lisa’s book and start breaking them down and turning them into journals!


So Lisa, rather than throwing her Amazon boxes out, repurposed them into something completely new and useable - breaking them down into their individual components and turning that into paper!

She starts off by breaking down the boxes, shredding them into fairly small bits, then adding in some water and blending it all up in her everyday-use blender. Next comes the ‘fun’ straining part, where everything gets added to a strainer and the water from the blending process gets sopped out, then everything is put in more water once again.

Lisa then uses a paper frame, which is an essential part of any paper-making process, to sift up some of the paper and putting it in a press. The still-wet paper then gets moved off to the side and gently put somewhere to dry out before being hung up a little while later for further processing.

Once fully dry, all of these pages are then taken and separated from the cloth backing that helped the dry in place before she starts the book-making and binding process. This involves folding each page, punching holes through the corners, and threading through a book-binding string to hold all the pages together. A cover and a little bit more love later and the end result is a series of recycled journals that are sure to please any writer!

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