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You Need a Paper Towel Roll for Your Bathroom Hand Towels

This hack is genius.

It’s the little things in life that sometimes make a difference. In this case, we have another simple hack courtesy of TikTok, that solely involves using an empty paper towel roll.

While most of us would typically recycle or discard of an empty paper towel roll, TikTok user and self proclaimed “Cardboard Queen,” @thecardboardqueen took to her TikTok account to share this paper towel hack idea that she received from her mom and we have to say, this hack is simply genius.


What a smart hack to adapt if you want to avoid your hand towels touching the floor or countertops. We like how this hack is so simple and really doesn’t take much effort to do. All you have to do is instead of discarding your empty paper towel roll, grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut down the middle of the roll, creating an opening that you would then use to place on top of the towels that are on the rack. At that point, you can easily dry your hands after washing without being concerned with the towels potentially sliding off the rack.

Simple enough.

The comments were mixed with some people offering different suggestions to enhance this hack and others appreciating the simplicity of this hack.

Whether or not you’d use this hack, we can always appreciate when people share their ideas. You never know who it may benefit.