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We Were Today Years Old When We Learned This Paper Towel Holder 'Trick'

A TikToker schooled the internet in the art of adulting by explaining what the sidebar paper towel holder is really for.

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Paper towel holders are one of those things that we take at face value. We grab one for our countertop, plop a roll in and be on our way. But one TikTok user took a minute to *really* look at the design of of a countertop one; you know the one that's a base with a pole for the roll and a side bar? And she got to wondering: Why does that rounded sidebar have a smaller one in it? 

Well, another use on TikTok responded by stitching her video with the answer.


That's right people: It has had a purpose this entire time. Apparently you are supposed to feed the beginning of the roll between that bigger and smaller sidebar so it can help you more easily tear off one sheet at a time.

As someone who is personally guilty of taking 60 sheets accidentally instead of the two or three I need, I was frankly shook by this revelation. I am evidently, and thankfully so, not the only one who was today-years-old when they realized this. 

User @Dragon7345 summarized it pretty well with "I can't even find the words to explain how much my mind is blown."

Others jokingly noted that they were not sheepishly walking to their kitchen to go immediately test this out. 

User @MzSw spoke for us all when she said:

"Every day I learn something new at TikTok University."

Ain't that the truth? Now excuse me whilst I go do my own walk of shame to the kitchen...