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TikTok Can't Get Over This Genius Paper Towel Holder Hack

This is simply genius.

Thanks to social media, we’ve seen a plethora of amazing kitchen hacks. From reorganizing your kitchen countertops to using items from your kitchen pantry to clean, we’ve practically have given our kitchen a wonderful makeover or at least have done a few deep cleans courtesy of TikTok content creators.

Our latest kitchen hack obsession — this paper towel hack from TikTok user @leel_larsen. Thanks to her, we’ve now discovered what those two somewhat rainbow-shaped spaces are for on the paper towel holder. And no, it’s not just to hold on napkins.


Simply mind-blowing, isn’t it? We’ve never thought to use the paper towel holder in this way but now that we know, this is it; there’s no going back to pulling more than the one or two paper towels we intended to get. People in the comments were just as shocked with these brilliant hack as we are. “You know what??? Don’t none of these item come with instructions,” TikTok user @iamaworshipper7 shared. LOL. Exactly! “I always thought it was a napkin holder,” @sweet_blossom44 commented. Haha. A lot of us thought the same thing. “I just looked over at mine, flipped it off,” another TikTok user hilariously said.

There you have it, yet again. Another life changing hack that we’ll be doing from now on.