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Parents Devise Genius Plan to Make Sure Kids Don’t Swipe Their Chargers

We’re def into this.

We put up with a lot that our kids do to us, I know it's because we love them, but gosh they can be pesky at times. Driving home from the grocery store a few hours before dinner and they beg us for a milkshake in town, so of course we go get them one, asking for the remote so they can put on whatever cartons they want to watch so of course we give it to them and smile as they watch, or have a last minute sleepover with 5 other kids in our home who are all hungry for pizza, so of course we let them.

Somethings thought we just want to keep allowing our kids to do so we think of funny innovative ideas and hack the ‘kid system’, which is exactly what TikTok user @cturney73 has done so kids stop stealing his cell phone chargers, and his idea is genius!

This is such a genius idea, and we are seriously laughing out loud at the thought of his kids trying to take his charger with this thing on it. First he takes his charger out and unscrews the top screw in the outlet socket. He places the charger back in and gets his nifty bracket which fits perfectly over the charger and lines up with that screw hole he unscrewed. It comes with a special allen key and fitted screw so you kids can’t run to the garage to grab just any old screwdriver and get in.

This is a win for parents!

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