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Mom’s Thanksgiving Plate Hack from the Dollar Store Is Genius

Um, yes please.

If it’s one thing moms know — it’s everything. Okay, that may be a tad bit of an exaggeration, seeing as how no one technically knows everything, however, is it safe to say moms know best? We’ll leave the latter up for you to decide, but in this particular video uploaded from TikTok content creator @joshtgodfrey, his mom definitely understood the assignment with this Thanksgiving hack!

Okay, but how genius is this Thanksgiving plate hack? While I personally like to have certain sides perfectly placed next to each other on my Thanksgiving plate so I can sort of mix them together to enjoy simultaneously in one bite, I still love this large plate with separate compartments concept. These serving plates have seven different compartments, including one circular compartment in the middle and are typically what you may use to serve a vegetable or fruit tray, but instead, this mama is using it to serve Thanksgiving dinner.

Tbh, we love this idea and unsurprisingly, so does his followers and viewers in the comment section. "She might be on to something though,” @hbk_dre wrote. “I’m actually with her on this one,” @kelsienagy5 commented. “One and ONLY time I’ll ever agree with her. LOL,” shared. “First time I've agreed with Mama lol,” @latoyaterrell2 wrote.

This is actually a great idea and a hack worth trying out this holiday season!

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