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Woman’s Hack for Peel and Stick Floor Tiles Is Essential

This step will save you some heartache.

We all can appreciate the option to DIY a project that can potentially save you money without having to seek a professional’s help. However, there are precautions we must take if we do a DIY to ensure that we complete a project with minimal damage.

For example, if you’re installing peel and stick floor tile, then this hack from TikTok user @lexidanielle_ will come in handy, especially if you’re a renter.


As she mentions in the video, the major key to installing peel and stick floor tile is applying blue tape. She had her floor tile installed for roughly a year and as she started peeling the tile away from the blue tape, the stickiness remained on the blue tape, but not the actual bathroom floor itself. The blue tape is just as easy to remove from her bathroom floor as well. This is perfect if you’re looking for a renter-friendly option or are looking for a way to test different tile looks without making a full commitment.

We’re with her followers and viewers in the comment section — we love that she shared this renter-friendly hack