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To Change Up The Look Of Your Stairs All You Need Is One Simple Hack

Peel and stick is our new go-to.

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Are your stairs a bit bland? Feel like they’re going nowhere (do you see the joke there?) Don’t worry, we feel you! Stairs are often some of the hardest areas in the house to make look nice, especially since you still want them to be both functional and safe. Plus they’re typically in some sort of awkward spot, and you can’t really just yank them out and start fresh.

Luckily one TikTok creator has come up with a relatively quick and easy way to swap the look of your stairs that you can do starting today!


So the creator behind SprucingUpMamaHood on TikTok does a lot to ‘spruce’ up her home, but being a mother she often has to do it on quite the tight budget. So when it came time for her stairs to get a brand new upgrade, she figured that the best way to do so wasn’t to strip and paint or even throw down a runner, but rather, to get some peel and stick.

Now if you don’t know, peel and stick is one of our favorite creations. This stuff is like magic, and it is like the upgraded version of the traditional wallpaper, but one that works perfectly in odd or tight spots. Aka - your stairs. And no, you don’t have to worry about it looking cheap or too ‘old’. A lot of the newer peel-and-stick stuff is perfectly suitable for any modern aesthetic.

As you can tell in the video, this mama had already had some previous stick-on wallpaper attached to her stairs, but it was time for a swap. So she decided to go with something a bit more classic with the look and feel of far-more-expensive black beadboard. And can we just tell you, this beadboard paneling peel-and-stick is our new favorite thing ever. All you have to do is cut it to size, stick it down, run a card or smoother along it, and voila - your brand new stairs await!