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Peel and Stick Stone Wall Sheets Exist and They Can Totally Transform a Room

Now everyone’s going to want to try this.

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All too often, I have seen people look down on wallpaper or peel-and-stick paper, and probably for a good reason. In the past, wallpaper has been seen as the thing that older generations stuck on their walls, usually in what they then considered tasteful colors (and now we might consider it over the top and even horrifying in some instances), and peel-and-stick, well… That just comes off, right?

Well, DIY and home decorator Leyla from over on TikTok says that peel-and-stick wallpaper might be the thing of the future, especially if you are going for a high-end look but want to keep the price tag down!


So let’s talk peel-and-stick a little bit. It might seem intimidating at first, as many people have a poor idea of what it actually is or what it could potentially look like up on your walls. But let me reassure you that you can have something that looks extremely nice, and lasts, without costing as much as you would assume. Or at least not nearly as much as ‘the real deal’ would cost.

Take the wall that Leyla is working on, for instance. She wanted a floor-to-ceiling faux stone wall, which would have cost in the thousands if she had done it with real stone. The wall probably would have had to be reinforced someway too, as that is a lot of weight. So instead, she got peel-and-stick tiles that resembled natural stone in a paler cream color and she was literally able to put them all up in only a few hours.

The look of her entire room was totally transformed, and she didn’t need any extra help or tools. Now, Leyla did say it still cost her around $900 for the entire wall, but it is a huge wall and meant to be an accent feature. It also costs thousands less than it would have had she picked real stone or had to hire an installer!

So what do you think? Are you in love already?

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