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Apparently We’ve Been Taking the Seeds Out Of Peppers Wrong Our Whole Lives

Honestly starting to wonder if I ever knew anything.
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Ah the classic bell pepper, maybe one of the most versatile produce options. The red bell pepper commonly used for red pepper sauce on pasta, Thai inspired rice dishes and curry sauces. Green bell peppers are a staple in potatoes O’Briens, sautéed in fajitas, or dipped in ranch. The yellow pepper, typically stuffed and then baked, grilled on bbq skewers, or added to a mixed veggie sauté.

No matter how you cook your peppers we all go through the same struggle… removing the pesky little seeds that fill the inside of the pepper. Thankfully TikTok hero @sidneyraz posted a video that we all needed, a simple trick to get the seeds out the easy way (and without finding them around the kitchen days later).


First and foremost… How are we just now finding this out? As soon as I watched this video I ran to my kitchen to test it and it really does work, like magic. As seen in the video all you have to do is press the stem into the belly of the pepper. Give the stem a quick twist and pluck it out. With the stem out comes all the seeds, and when I say all I mean ALL the seeds. I tossed my stem in the compost bin and diced up my pepper to have in pasta.