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This Hack Will Change the Way You Hang Pictures Forever

Where has this been all our lives?!

How many times have you hung a picture on the wall and stepped back feeling accomplished, only to discover the picture is crooked? And after so many more attempts, it’s still crooked. Personally, I’ve lost count. However, after coming across this genius idea of a hack from DIY and life hack channel @Nifty, this will never be an issue again!


In the popular video, which already has over one million views, the woman simply takes the back of a picture frame and places a strip of scotch tape underneath the two brackets that are used to hang the picture. Next, she takes a pen and marks the scotch tape to the exact location of the brackets, then proceeds to remove the tape and place it onto the level tool. Afterwards, she takes the tool and places it onto the desired area of the wall. Ensuring that it’s leveled, she marks the area on the wall to match with the marks on the scotch tape. Finally she hammers the nails into the markings on the wall and hangs the picture accordingly.

Our minds are blown!

Viewers went to the comments to confirm how awesome this hack is.

“Omg I’ve been doing this for over 15 yrs!! I used to work at a furniture store and did all the visual merchandising and this is how we hung wall art,“ one TikTok user commented. Another follower said “This works the best out of any method I’ve ever used.” TikTok user @lilsopherrrr hilariously commented “But my walls would looks so weird without 5 holes under each pic.” LOL.

Okay, we’re definitely convinced. From now on, we’re no longer accepting the random five holes in the wall as part of our aesthetic.