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There Is a Pine-Sol Recall So Be Sure to Check Your Cleaning Cabinets

Be sure to toss those old bottles

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Clorox is voluntarily recalling about 37 million bottles of scented Pine-Sol bottles because the scented cleaning products may contain the bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

While scrolling through TikTok, we found a video about the recall from cleaning aficionado and TikTok content creator @later_kates, and after going to Pine-Sol’s official Instagram page, we gathered the details and facts below.


According to a statement released by Clorox, the bacteria is an environmental organism found widely in soil and water, and while it’s not a danger to most people, it can potentially cause a serious infection that may require people with weakened immune systems or external medical devices to seek medical treatment. The bacteria can enter the body if inhaled, through the eyes, or through a break in the skin.

To date, testing has identified bacteria in certain recalled products with dates ranging between January 2021 and September 2022. During that period, Clorox produced approximately 27 million recalled products.

The recall involves a variety of scented Pine-Sol Scented Multi-Surface Cleaners, CloroxPro Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaners, and Clorox Professional Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh Cleaners that have date codes printed on the bottle beginning with “A4” and the first five digits numbered less than 22249, which represents products prior to September 2022.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers should take pictures of the 12 digit UPC code and the date code, dispose of the product in its container with household trash, and contact Pine-Sol for a full refund of the purchase price with receipt, or of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price without receipt.

So far, no injuries or incidents have been reported.

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