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Three Easy Steps To Make Your Bed Look Pinterest-Worthy

Tip number one is a game changer

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We all covet those gorgeous, put-together Pinterest homes that always appear to be picture-perfect, as though they come straight from a page of your favorite home magazine. We may not all have the exact stunning marble countertops that we come across on our social media feeds or that perfect bedroom nook designed to provide us with the most relaxing “me time,” however, we can certainly make our home space become both beautiful and comfortable with many thanks to tips we receive from social media content creators.

Our tip today comes from TikTok content creator @makingseamisthome who shares three tips that show us how to easily make our beds look as though they’d appear on the home page of Pinterest!


In the video, the DIY aficionado starts off by giving us a quick span of her neatly-layered bed made up of earthy-type colors blue, brown and cream before listing the three tips. The first tip is quite simple, but is something we never though of — fold in your pillowcase for a cleaner look. This tip will only work if you have a smaller pillow and an extra large pillowcase; so rather than letting the extra material from the pillowcase hang off to the side, tuck it into the pillow. Trust - us it’ll make your bed look so much better! Tip number two is simply anchoring an area rug underneath the front legs of your bed to give a more elegant appearance. The last tip is to layer your bed with varying textures to give a more cozy appearance.

All of these tips are so easy to adapt and are perfect if you want to change the appearance of your bedroom without spending too much money, if anything at all!