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Pipe Cleaners Make the Cutest Faux Bouquet That’s More Artsy Than Childish

These are so darling and surprisingly simple to make.
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The aesthetic of fresh cut flowers in a home is wonderful, often perched on the kitchen table, counter tops, bedside tables, and in entry ways. The only downfall is that fresh flowers aren’t available year round, and if you can find them during the off season, chances are they cost quite a fortune. 

Many people have thought of innovative ways to have bouquets such as using fake florals to create arrangements. One of the most creative faux floral bouquets we have seen by far is the one crafted by TikTok content creation page @handcraftsarts, using one simple item; pipe cleaners.

The woman made her artistic bouquet using pipe cleaners, making whimsical flowers that resemble small Black-eyed Susans or sunflowers.

To make one of her flowers the woman first twists a mustard yellow pipe cleaner around a pen, she pulls the curly pipe cleaner off of the pen and shoves a pea green pipe cleaner through the coils and twists it around itself. The woman then bunches up the flower petals and shapes them in a circle, she starts working on the middle of the flower, using a brown pipe cleaner she creates a round circle and places it in the middle of the flower. She continues making her mini pipe cleaner flowers until she reaches the desired bouquet size.

We love how artistic and cute these flowers look, perfect to cheer you up when the winter time blues hit.

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