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Plant Bouquets Are Officially Cooler Than Flowers

This bouquet will “thrive instead of dying.”

When you think of a wedding, what do you picture in your head? The dress, the cake, or maybe the bouquet toss? Many brides will do their best to save some aspect of their bouquet, pressing the petals or keeping the ribbons that tied the flowers together as keepsakes since the flowers themselves don’t last long after the ceremony itself.

But what if there was a way to keep your bouquet thriving instead of dying? One TikToker has come up with just such a solution.


We have the creators over at Plant3Seven to thank for this fun and cool hack. Their alternative to the traditional, typical flower bouquet is actually to take fresh cuttings from various plants (think ivy, pothos, philodendron, and more) and turn them into a fresh greenery bouquet that can eventually be water propagated. Just imagine walking down the aisle or towards your future partner with a green and growing bouquet, one that symbolizes the new life you two are creating, together.

Using these types of plants also mean not only will your bouquet not die, but you’ll also have plants that you can grow for years to come. Imagine being able to gift cuttings to your children or family and friends years after the wedding or celebrating your anniversaries under the same greenery you were married with!

Now, not everyone is a green thumb, but the reviews and comments under the video are overwhelmingly positive. Many plant parents are wondering how they had never thought of this before, while others are busy planning out how they can incorporate it into weddings (theirs or a loved one’s!)

So if you or someone you know loves plants and is getting married sometime soon, maybe think about a bouquet that keeps on giving long after the ceremony is over!