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Ceramic Artist Uses Real Plants to Decorate Pieces and It’s Breathtaking

We are all about this!

We’re always amazed at the art projects we come across thanks to social media. We’ve seen people transform dried fruit into stunning coasters and even take literal trash and magically transform it into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Seriously, there’s an abundance of amazing artists out there creating surreal works of art and we seriously can’t get enough of them.

As a matter of fact, this transformation we recently came across via TikTok ceramic artist @vuvuceramics has to be one of the coolest transformations we’ve seen so far. The artist takes an actual leaf to create a ceramic dish and the end result is unbelievably beautiful!


Isn’t this so cool?! She makes it look so easy with the steps we saw her take to create this, but we can only imagine how difficult it actually is, especially given the amount of detail contained in this gorgeous ceramic piece.

Of course viewers in the comments were impressed with her skill and beautiful creation. “I love this, have watched it so many times. So beautiful. If I owned this I would look at it all day,” TikTok user @emilyslittlecorner commented. “This is so incredible,” another TikTok user @handmadebysyd wrote. “OMG I gasped when I saw that finished color! it's gorgeous!!” @nina.polic commented. “You have no idea how much I love this,” @morgana.moore wrote.

Who knew a huge nasturtium leaf (or any leaf, really) could create such beautiful art like this?!