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Pennsylvania Man “Rescues” Plant From Certain Death at Big Box Store

Not all heroes wear capes

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Plant parents know more than anyone, when it comes to purchasing plants, use extra caution when buying from non-plant stores. This rule is unfortunately necessary to follow because not all grocery and department stores hire people who care about plants, however, as a part of their job duties, they may have to care for plants, anyway. And as a result, plants are often mishandled and die due to lack of knowledge of how to care for them.

However, rather then sit back and allow these plants to slowly wither away, this TikTok user @thewickedbotanist filmed a kind man “rescuing” a plant from its’ potential demise and and we have to give him a round of applause for taking a few seconds out of his day to do just that.


In the video, the nab was seen taking a popular ZZ plant out of its’ pot before proceeding to empty the pot of the extra water it had. Of course it’s necessary to water plants, however, too much watering can be a bad thing and cause a plant to rot.

Of course we don’t expect grocery and department stores to hire only people who are passionate about caring for plants, however, maybe they can hire this man to provide a quick tutorial or course to show the basics of caring for plants to potentially help save a lot of these precious plants.