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People Have Mixed Feelings About Man's 'Dog Poop' Method of Getting New Plants

One man learned you can easily nab new plants with this clever dog walking trick.

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Pet owners know that taking a stroll with your furry friend can be one of the most relaxing times of the day. You're out in the sunshine, enjoying nature, and since you're unplugged you're really paying attention to the world around you. Imagine that you're bopping along in this very situation, when you happen to notice a succulent ripe for the picking. There's no one watching. You have a pocket full of of baggies... See where we're going with this?

One man certainly saw the potential, and shared his "method" of getting those propagation plant starters. 


All he does is pretend he is picking up dog poop and instead of that, plucks a piece of plant for propagating. He boasted that he has "yet to be caught," and doesn't see a problem with this harmless level of theft.

And it seems the commentators are divided over if this is ok to do or not.  

"I’ve had so many babies stolen, sometimes these plants have caregivers," said one disappointed user. 

"Hear me out though.. sometime people plant things anticipating that it will spread a full their planted area. Just ask," advised another.

While others were just happy for the idea. 

"So I’m not the only one," exclaimed a user. "I drive around in the summer with jars of water laced with rooting compound. Sometimes I ask permission first."

"Agave pups in the ground next to the mother plant are fair game," said another. 

The general consensus is that leaves and trimmings that fell off are free for the taking, but uprooting a "baby" is just not cool.

What do you think? Would you try this?