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This Simple Hack Could Save Your House Plants

It makes a big difference!

How hard do you consider taking care of plants to be? Are you an amateur gardener, or are you someone who can keep even the pickiest plants alive?

If you’re anything like us then you probably fall somewhere in the middle, which means you will snap up every helpful tip you come across, from when and how to water your plants, to useful ‘what not to do guides from those a bit more experienced than ourselves.


Take this tip from self-proclaimed plant dad Adam Banzai, who admits that his gardening secret may be a little controversial and even be an unpopular opinion among many, even though it has worked for him time and time again.

He says that any time you buy a new plant you should not leave it in the original planter and soil. Instead, remove it from the planter that you bought it in and remove as much of the soil as you can, freeing the netting and root system and cleaning them off. Then you can take it and replant it in new soil, even if you use the original planter.

Why would you do this? Adam gives us this tip - you never know what soil is in the planter, or where it has been. Unless you saw it planted and saw where it has been since before you purchased the plant, you will never know what kind of pests or contaminants can be in the soil. The roots will appreciate the fresh soil, and you will be far more confident that you are starting out with a base that you control completely.

Of course there are some commenters who are firmly on the team of ‘If I change a single thing, my plant will die’, but we see the wisdom behind Adam’s suggestion. Others agree with Adam that the original soil tends to be far more compacted, while others are wondering why they never thought of it before.

So where do you fall? Are you going to start replanting your new purchases from the get go, or just let them ride it out?