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Plant Parents Are Swooning Over This Easy Hanging Rod

This looks super gorgeous

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There are plenty of reasons why being a plant parent is so cool. Besides the fact that plant parents are able to care for lush babies and watch them grow as a result of their affection, it allows the parents the opportunity to showcase their creativity. Whether we express our creativity through naming them or enhancing their beauty by dressing them in the cutest and most unique planters and pots, our creativity is on full display when it comes to our plants.

Take for instance jewelry maker and plant mama @flourishandcharm, who recently uploaded a video showcasing her creativity with this beautifully clever DIY that instantly elevated her space while advertising her gorgeous foliage!


Using a tape measure, she measured both the pine pole and the area of the ceiling where intended to hang the plant pole. She applied painters tape to the ceiling to ensure she’d place the middle mounting brackets in the correct spots. Afterwards, she hammered the molly screws into the ceiling and proceeded to drill screws into the brackets and molly screws. Finally she slid the pole into the bracket’s holes and hung her beautiful plant babies. The final result is absolutely gorgeous!

“GENIUS,” one follower commented. TikTok user @Bibibordeaux said “This is happening!!!!” Another Tiktok commenter said “I need this in my life.” Ditto. “Amazing idea!!” one TikTok user said. Another viewer confirmed how great this DIY is, “I did this in my room! it's cheap, effective and helps maximize space for more plants! who doesn't want that!!”

The verdict is in. And by verdict, we mean comments. The plant parents are definitely into this dreamy DIY!