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Time-lapse Video Shows Just How Much Plant Leaves Move During the Day

They’re practically dancing.

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Plants are beautiful and sometimes even still mysterious things. They’ve been around a lot, lot longer than humans have even been a blip in the world’s existence, and they will likely long outlive our time here on this planet. And we love the darn things. So many people will go to extreme lengths to care for their favorite plants and are always looking for new ones to add to their collections.

But one thing even I, as a plant lover, did not know about these growing beauties is… exactly how much they moved during the day! I guess that is why I need to thank Madeline Buskirk for showing us all their day-long dance!



Now, most of us have seen plants move in the breeze. It is a gentle dip and sway, but it is purely in reaction to the wind pushing things about. But what if I were to tell you that plants actually moved all on their own, simply in response to outside stimuli such as sunlight and warmth?

It is true! Most of the time, we can’t see it with our naked eye because they move that slowly, just like trying to watch a petal bloom, but when put on a time-lapse camera as Madeline did, we can finally watch it all. Madeline set up a camera in her house to catch how her leaves danced, and they did not disappoint.

Over the ten-hour-long video, we get to see the leaves literally bounce around, swaying as if in a strong breeze. You can even see the plant down below, in the cabinet, moving at a slower pace, as well as the cactus moving ever so slightly. It is a little bit crazy to see exactly what we miss on a daily basis, and I have to thank Madeline for showing off this ‘hidden’ bit of nature!

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