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Plant Farmer Gives Little Girl “Cuttings” So She Can Grow Her Own and Her Reaction Is Adorable

This is how plant people are made.

Sometimes plant people are born, but other times they are made through the love and care shown to them by others. Going to your local farmer’s market, growing up near someone who gardens, or even spending time with a family friend who grows a few flowers, these are all great ways of getting interested in plants.

But it is still super special when someone goes out of their way to share a love of plants with another person, especially when that interest is returned and blossoms even further.


The daughter of creator FreePlantsForever on TikTok (and boy, what a fitting name), was already an avid plant lover, but hadn’t quite made the leap to growing her own plants yet. That was until she went to a local farmer’s market and a kind, older gentleman decided to stop her and offer exactly what she needed to grow her interest- some cuttings, and his attention.

You see, sometimes all that a kid needs to spark a lifelong interest in something is to be given approval, and encouragement, from someone who obviously shares the same interest. The gentleman in the video is just such a person - sharing his knowledge in a way that doesn’t speak down to her, inviting her to ask questions and to acquire a love of learning, while never making her feel less than.

It is something special, and you can see exactly how the little girl lights up when she sees the plant-selling gentleman, even more so when he decides to share with her a few more cuttings she can take home and try and grow herself.

And honestly, this is what we need more of. We need more kindness, we need more kids wanting to learn and adults willing to share, and overall… Don’t we all just need a few more plants?