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Parents Are “Planting” Pinecones For a Truely Adorable Reason

This is going to be a new favorite tradition.

If you’ve got toddlers in the family then you are probably always looking for new and interesting ways to make their lives, especially the holidays, just a little bit extra special each and every year. Maybe it is ultra-decorating their rooms just in time for Christmas, or sharing DIYs that make the holidays truly unique and unforgettable.

Well, we’ve got one more holiday tradition you can start and it is all thanks to Mom of Hurds, Paige from over on TikTok!


Paige’s family includes two smaller children, and she does everything she can to come up with things that are beautiful and fascinating for them. So recently she and her husband came up with the idea of going on a walk, finding a pinecone, bringing it home, and ‘planting’ it in a corner of the house.

You can do the exact same as well - just grab a pinecone, either from the great outdoors or purchasing one from a hobby store, then faux-plant it in a Christmas-themed bucket or something similar.

The biggest step is the one that comes next - when the kiddos are asleep you’ll want to pull the great switcheroo and replace the pinecone with a fully-grown tree. Now, I love real trees, but it might be a bit easier to do this switch with a faux one. You can either leave it bare and dress it all up in its ornamental finery the next day, or let the delight shine as the kids stumble out of bed only to see a fully lit-up and decorated tree!

If you want to go overboard, you could even have several trees in different sizes and let the kids watch them ‘grow’ over a few days or a week! It really depends on how far you want to take it, and just how magical it is for your kids!

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