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Plant Mom Shares When You’re Supposed to Prune Your Plants

It feels illegal but we promise it’s not

In recent times, the love shared between plants and their “parents” have been highlighted and we’re absolutely loving it. Whether you own a plant simply for aesthetic purposes or you have a variety of plant babies you proudly show off all over your home, caring for plants isn’t always easy and you sometimes have to go through quite a bit to ensure they’re well taken care of.

Some of the obvious things that should be done when caring for plants is watering and repotting them when necessary, but something else that should also be done is pruning them. If you’re new to caring for plants and aren’t familiar with the term “prune,” it basically means to trim or cut away dead or overgrown parts of the plant. And just in case you’re not sure when or you should be doing so, check out these simple tips provided in this video from TikTok plant mom Kaitlin of @roominbloomnyc.


So when exactly is the perfect time to prune your plant? Well, according to Kaitlin, the best time to prune your plants is if they become brown, yellow, or broken, as well as when you want to multiply your plant and propagate it. Another time to prune your plant is if it becomes too “leggy,” meaning it has become a bit unkempt or scraggly and as a result, may have uneven growth and flopping stems.

Basically, when in doubt, cut it! You just may be amazed at how quick your plants will “thank you” by growing back quick beautifully.