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This Glass Table Turned Garden Is Total Plant Parent Goals

We are in awe!

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You have probably seen plants in vases on top of tables, as well as hanging from planters or in various other places, but have you ever seen plants growing out of a table before? One TikTok creator has come up with a brilliant and beautiful way to show off her favorite plant pals and you can recreate the look for yourself by following their step-by-step guide!


Ren, a creator who runs the WhoPutAllThesePlantsHere channel, has come up with some seriously creative ways to show off all of her various plants, and we are one hundred percent here for it! In this video she is showing off how she turned a regular glass table into a giant terrarium, and luckily for us, has also added a guide in case we wanted to recreate the look for ourselves!

You’ll want to start off with a large glass table. It doesn’t really need sides of anything else, but you’ll want that glass tabletop to both allow light to reach your plants as well as you can see them. Measure the bottom sides and line them with some cardboard to create walls to hold in the soil and prevent it from getting everywhere, then add a layer of tarp to the bottom, cutting the edges so they wrap under your table.

Fill the center up with the potting soil of your choice, throw in something like larger wooden logs to add some visual elements and support for anything growing within, then add your top layer. After that start making small holes and putting your plants where you will want them to grow, making sure that you pick the right plant type for where you will be displaying the table. (Creeping ivy and other non-direct sunlight plants work great here!)

Add your finishing touches, spritz your new display down with some water, let it grow, and enjoy!